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Neck Deep – Tramlines Festival 2014 [Review]

For a band that’s only been around since April 2012, pop punk quintet Neck Deep have demolished barriers that would have crushed most bands of their age and experience – the most recent including earning their slot at Tramlines Festival, the biggest and best music festival in South Yorkshire that has seen the likes of Young Guns, The xx, Rolo Tomassi and The Xcerts honour their stages over the years since its birth in 2009.

Playing the Skull and Bones Boys Club stage at The Corporation, Neck Deep didn’t exactly have their work cut out for them whilst playing for only half an hour in such a small and intimate venue, but nevertheless the band graced the stage with a meek humbleness that masked the reality of the vivacious and powerful performance that they had in store. Kicking off the set with Up In Smoke, the robust and fiery debut track from their latest EP A History of Bad Decisions, their audience wasted no time in involving themselves with the antics of vocalist Ben Barlow who bounded around the stage in a fit of energetic arousals and trademark shouty vocals.

Neck Deep upheld their powerful and vigorous presence on the stage throughout and cleverly combined popular singles such as Over and Over and What Did You Expect? which are saturated in typical pop punk angst with shorter, angrier songs such as Kick It and All Hype No Heart that suited the preference of every fan in the audience and obtained an alarming response for such a little-known band. Even during minor technical difficulties the band continued to entertain and every member of the crowd engaged in the not-so-pop-punk customary mosh pit founded by the demands of Barlow.

Regardless of the fact that thirty minutes is hardly enough for Neck Deep to truly portray their undoubtable talent, the boys from Wrexham certainly put on a show worthy of a headlining act and the world can only wait and see what the band have in store for us after the release of their forthcoming debut  album, Wishful Thinking.


Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know [Review]

Just when you thought they’d fallen off the face of the earth, Steel City’s finest Arctic Monkeys return uninvited into the heart of Britain’s music scene with the spine-chillingly electric second single from their fifth upcoming studio album, Do I Wanna Know?

            Drummer Matt Helders immediately feeds a thread of strong and steady beats, enabling O’Malley’s bass and Turner’s ominous guitar riffs to speak volumes with their brooding and surly tones that ooze sex appeal and are sure to entice the hearts of thousands in a live audience. At once, it is clear that this is a song crafted with the intention of following a heavier and darker route for a more mature and experienced band that has surfaced from the depths of light-hearted songs such as I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor and My Propeller. This is shown perfectly when the song climaxes into a chorus of ‘crawling back to you…’ complete with falsetto call-and-response from Helders and infectious twangs of Alex Turner’s guitar that hang heavy with subtle angst, artfully mirroring the tenor of R U Mine?, the debut single from their forthcoming album AM. 

Still, Alex Turner sticks to his Yorkshire roots with sullen colloquialisms such as, ‘do you ever get that fear that you can’t shift the tide that sticks around like summat in your teeth’ – a reminder that yes, this is still the humble band from Sheffield that had a fast track to fame in 2005.

Consequently, this is a promising taste of the long-awaited album set for release on 9th September. It is saturated in depth and torment yet is still easy on the ears with its infectious rhythm that will surely imprint itself upon the minds of many. This is a mellow and easy-going tune which may not tickle the fancies of everyone, least of all those who are still yearning for ‘the old Arctic Monkeys,’ but it is undeniable that Arctic Monkeys have more than proven themselves over the years and this end result is remarkable for the little band from Sheffield that have definitely earned their stripes.