Kids In Glass Houses – Peace [Album Review]


  1. Peace
  2. Drive
  3. Set My Body Free
  4. V-I-People
  5. Novocaine
  6. Storm Chasers
  7. The Runaways
  8. Up All Night
  9. Black Cloud
  10. Night Crawler


After their 2011 release In Gold Blood reached the Number 1 spot on the UK Rock Albums Chart, expectations for their new record have been higher than Lindsay Lohan, but Welsh quintet Kids In Glass Houses are back with a vengeance in the form of their explosive new pop album, Peace.

Opening with the title track, it’s unquestionable that Kids In Glass Houses have evolved into something phenomenal. Erupting with energy and instantly establishing itself as a masterpiece in the band’s extensive discography, Peace is a rare gem that will lighten any mood and have you yelling the lyrics until you’re hoarse. It would seem that Kids In Glass Houses are aiming to release the guilty inner pop junkie in all of us and clearly they were not messing about when they said they ‘wanted to inject the fun back into ourselves’.

Unsurprisingly, the album does have an electronic underbelly and traces of computerisation can be found as vocalist Aled Phillips croons the infectious chorus to the Drive, the first single the boys released from the album. Set My Body Free and V-I-People also consist heavily of electronic dance elements, but these songs would be nothing without the feisty guitar riffs and powerful drums that earned Kids In Glass Houses their current status. All of these songs follow a similar route as Peace, with an energetic and robust kick to complement the catchy lyrics and contribute to the fun and carefree theme of the album so far.

Fifth track Novocaine has a darker and more solemn undertone and, although the chorus is lively and loud, it helps to balance the pace of the album. This continues with Storm Chasers, a powerful track that tells a tale of sorrow and regret and has vocalist Aled belting out his emotions with a passion.

Although the album picks up with The Runaways, it can be said that the second half of Peace is a more serious yet relaxed side to the new Kids In Glass Houses. They’ve toned down the usage electronic synthesizers and reverted back to what alt-rock is all about – pulsating drum beats, powerful guitar riffs and earth-shattering vocals that aren’t just about dancing and having a good time. Up All Night sings of a lost love, Black Cloud is a tune that screams of defiance and determination and Night Crawler is an anthemic and solemn finale full of torment and anguish.

With only ten tracks, Peace is short but sweet and each track is worthy of being a top-selling single. All that’s left to tell is whether fans will appreciate the poppier sound of Kids In Glass Houses entering a new era.


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